Guidelines for Submissions

Oral Health, Oral Hygiene and Oral Health Office

Oral Health, Oral Hygiene and Oral Health Office all welcome original articles to their editorial environment and are proud to be the means by which original works are introduced to the dental profession in Canada. When submitting an original manuscript, remember to include and/or consider the following:


All contributing authors’ name and degrees, as well as any association the author may have with any institution should be included with the submission. The author’s address, including city and province/state should also be included. Email and web addresses should also be included. Authors must also disclose any financial interests in companies manufacturing or distributing products or services mentioned in their articles. Please include complete references. Please include a few short sentences, which will be used as the author’s bio (approx.. 50 words), along with a high-resolution headshot for each contributing author.


The acceptance of an article and its publication are accelerated if proper procedures for submissions are followed. When making a submission, the following requirements need to be considered:

Manuscripts should run between 1,000 to 6,000 words for Oral Health and 500-2,000 words for Hygiene and Office. Manuscripts should be submitted via email. All articles for Oral Health are approved or declined by members of the editorial board. Articles submitted to Oral Health Office or Oral Hygiene are evaluated by the Managing Editor. Specifically, for Oral Health, articles should include a title, author name(s) and degrees, complete text in final form (not a draft), author bio(s), author headshot, references, photos and photo descriptions, and any disclaimers.


As we move towards a larger focus on digital content, please consider the following SEO guidelines to achieve greater visibility.

  1. Keep article title concise (50-70 characters / 5-10 words)
  2. Include “key words” in the first 2-3 words of title and first paragraph of article
  3. Use an active voice rather than passive (Ex. 1: “The dentist places the implant.” vs “The implant is placed by the dentist.”  Ex. 2: “What benefits does the procedure offer?” vs “What benefits are offered?”)

*The editorial team may make additional suggestions for your approval.


The quality of the images (drawings, photographs, graphs) supplied contributes directly to the quality of reproduction in our publications. Therefore, when making a submission, please consider the following: All photographs/images should be carefully labelled (and called out in the text of the article).

All artwork, images and illustrations should be submitted electronically and should be saved at the highest resolution possible (300 dpi or greater and minimum 3-inches width). Each illustration provided should be identified and described by a short caption; and this list of figures should follow at the end of the article with a figure legend. Images should be saved as TIF, JPEG or EPS only. We do not accept PowerPoint presentations. Please do not embed images in ‘Word’ document files.

Third-party sites such as WeTransfer or DropBox are accepted for large files. Authors should only submit images that they have the right/permission to use; Images found online, etc. will not be accepted. Note that we do have access to stock images and cannot use any stock photos purchased by the author.

The Editorial Board looks forward to your submission. Please send original manuscripts to:

Managing Editor: Tanya

Guidelines for Digital Submissions

Oral Health Blog and Weekly Wisdom Video Series


Oral Health’s blog appears on our website at and features business and practice management articles, covering such topics as marketing, finances, leadership, etc. Blog submissions should be between 500-1000 words and submitted via email. All blogs must be approved by the Digital Content Coordinator. Blogs should include a title, author name and bio, and completed text in final form.


Share your knowledge with the dental industry in a video format with Weekly Wisdom. The Weekly Wisdom video series shares quick tips for dental professionals on a variety of clinical and business topics. An informative, 1–2-minute tip is shared on our website, social media and newsletters each week. These tips cover topics such as marketing, leadership, finances, clinical tips and more.

Videos can be filmed individually by the contributor and sent to Oral Health via WeTransfer or DropBox, or a video shoot can be set up with our team. If any text or visuals go along with the tip, the content must be sent to us for our video editors to include in the final version. The text should be provided in a Word document and the photos as TIF, JPEG or EPS. If interested in submitting videos to this series, please get in touch with the Digital Content Coordinator for more information.

Please contact Digital Content Coordinator: Marley Gieseler