Sowingo has Partnered with Clinical Research Dental (CRD) to Expand Dental Offerings

Sowingo has Partnered with Clinical Research Dental

Sowingo is excited to announce its most recent partnership with Clinical Research Dental (CRD). Recognized as a trusted name in the dental industry for its distribution of innovative dental products and instruments, CRD brings its comprehensive range of top-quality dental products to the Sowingo Supply Hub with exclusive member pricing.

CRD has long been renowned for its commitment to advancing oral healthcare, providing dental professionals with clinically proven products, and empowering them to deliver exceptional patient care. Through the partnership with Sowingo, members now have access to CRD’s extensive range of high-quality dental materials, instruments, and equipment, enabling them to stay at the forefront of the industry’s latest innovations.

“We are thrilled to welcome CRD to our Supply Hub,” expressed Dr. Paul Bhatti, CEO at Sowingo. “The addition of CRD’s dental products significantly expands our offerings, providing our valued members with more options to meet their diverse needs. We are confident that this collaboration will elevate the dental experience for our members and contribute to their success.”

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